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Holy wells in Somerset

This website aims to encourage you to visit local Holy wells in Somerset. There is an example of an ongoing repair project at St Agnes Holy Well based at Cothelstone Nr Bishops Lydeard Somerset.

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Personal Reflections - in and out of hot waters

I have a long history with spas and water

As a child my parents would take me to the, 'King's Bath,' (which now lies as a central tourist attraction in Bath, North Somerset). The baths at that time were open to the public for bathing. Bath possesses the only hot springs in Britain, but it is by no means the only spa town. I decided to undertake some research and I was to visit the Bath Spa Library, where my grandfather Mr Reginald W M Wright,was Director until his retirement in 1954.
I decided to see if he had conducted any research into the history of the Bath Spas. I found his unpublished book entitled, "In and Out of Hot Water." He had indeed researched extensively much of the history, myths and legends associated with the Bath Waters. His research helped me write and eventually publish my own paper. This picture shows one of his paintings of the circular Bath.
While my mother was pregnant she wanted to choose a suitable name for me. While waiting for the bus outside the Bath Abbey she leant on Rebecca Fountain. She decided to call me after the fountain. She could not have chosen a better name for me.
The fountain was given to the city of Bath by the Temperance Society in 1861.
It is a life size female figure in eastern costume pouring water from a jug into a basin supported by small pillars.
The fountain was originally used as a drinking fountain and running water was a feature until the 1980s. I decided to visit her on my 41st Birthday. I feel this fountain connects me with my interest in water. Its worth exploring the story of Rebecca further which you can do from HERE